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The third edition of “Mondo Natural Wine Tokyo – Natural Wine & Winery Exhibition” which was first held in April 2023 as the Japanese version of the very popular Scandinavian natural wine festival “Nordic Naturalia” and resulted in a great success, will be held on April 21 (Sun.) and 22 (Mon.), 2024. 

This third event will be held at a much larger scale in terms of wineries participation, moving to Shinjuku. We will have a lineup of over 40 natural wineries and more than 200 natural wines carefully selected from Italy, Spain, America and other parts of the world. Please enjoy a casual tasting while chatting with overseas producers who will join us in Japan for this event.

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Japan's largest natural wine festival!

More than 200 wines are available for tasting! Find your favorite winery and winemaker!

This year, we will offer more than 200 kinds of natural wines carefully selected from Italy, Spain, Slovenia, America, and other countries. Natural wines are all different in taste and aroma, and each brand has its own unique charm. Taste the wines you are interested in and find your favorite winery and winemaker.

A casual chat with the producers!

Learn the story behind each wine!

The natural wines available for tasting at the event are carefully crafted by passionate producers and meet their own strict standards, from the farming, which is always organic or biodynamic, to their vinification philosophy, which is always zero added and zero taken away. On the day of the event, you can enjoy tastings while interacting with producers and importers who have come from all over the world to be with us. Please feel free to talk to them and ask them directly about their passion and commitment to natural wine-making!

A tasty food menu is also available!

Enjoy wine pairings!

Various food menus will be available at the venue (sold separately). All of the menus, specially prepared by popular trattorias and restaurants in Tokyo, are perfect for pairing with wine! Please enjoy this delicious food with your favorite natural wine.

Producers & food of the previous edition

Alchimia Cantina Urbana, Abruzzo – imported by Kohyo
Al Feu, Sicily
Andrea Paffarini, Umbria
Annibale Alziati, Lumbardy
Almari, Lazio
Cantina Giara, Puglia
Cantine Edomè, Sicily
Cà Sciampagne, Marche
Castelsimoni, Abruzzo
Colle del Bricco, Lumbardy – imported by Kohyo
Klanjscek, Friuli – imported by Maybell International
Francesca Barracco, Sicily
Il Sasso, Veneto
Klanjscek, Friuli – imported by Maybell International
La Signora Ginni, Tuscany – imported by Maybell International
La Via del Colle, Emilia Romagna – imported by Autentico
Lumiluna, Umbria
Malerba Vini, Tuscany
Perego e Perego, Lumbardy – imported by Cuore Sardo
Podere Ortica, Tuscany  – imported by Vintners
Prati al Sole, Emilia Romagna
Riccardi Reale, Lazio
Roberto Capecci, Marche
Scelta di Vite, Veneto
Sciara, Sicily
Soltufo, Piedmont
Tenuta del Fontino, Tuscany
Terrabusi, Emilia Romagna
Terre Grosse, Veneto
Tiberi, Umbria
Wine Nut, Veneto/Umbria – imported by Cuore Sardo

Fedora Wines

Vinos Patio

Djuce, Sweden (natural wines in cans from over the world) – imported by Maybell International

Marbeso, California

Apurevu (Cà dei Quattro Archi, La Ginestra – Italy)
Cuore Coeur (Controvento, Sequerciani – Italy)
Ethica Wines (Cà dei Zago, L’Antica Quercia – Italy)
Terra Vert (Andrea Scovero, Denis Montanar, Maurizio Ferraro, Palazzo Tronconi, Tenuta l’Armonia, Tere Ruse – Italy; Naphery Winery –  Georgia) – On November 27th only!
Vintners (Abbazia S. Giorgio, Oldboy Wine Negociant, Casa Caterina, Wonderwerk, Franco Terpin – Italy)
Winy Tokyo (Giovanni Mesina, Santa Colomba, Tenuta Saiano, EasyItaly)

Be Wines
(Gordia, UoU, Emeran Reya Ussai, Montemoro, Joannes Protner – Slovenia)
TNT Wines (Rocco Callisto, Saottini, Simone Setti, Su.Na.Wi. – Italy)
Wine Monopole (DWNL, Fondugues Pradugues, Aries Wine, Plume, Clos Landry – France)

Bar Sanità
Le Comptoir
Mil Tacos

AD 1980, Lazio, Italy (olive oil)
Oilivis, Puglia, Italy (olive oil, olives, patès)

2nd edition overview

Industry professionals (for wine importers, restaurants, embassies, chambers of commerce and press only)
November 26 (Sun.) 2023 11:00-18:30
November 27 (Mon.) 2023 11:00-18:00

Fee: Free registration on Peatix required.
Please present your ID and two business cards (per person) on the day of the event.

Target: Wine importers, restaurant personnel (owners, sommeliers, chefs, managers only), embassy personnel, personnel of chambers of commerce, press etc.

For general public
November 26 (Sun.) 2023 13:00-18:30 
November 27 (Mon.) 2023 13:00-18:00

Price: Advance online ticket: 5,500 yen (tax included), at the door: 6,000 yen (tax included)

In principle, we do not accept cancellations or refunds after registration.
No refunds will be given in the event that some of the wines for tasting are out of stock. Please understand this in advance.
Food is not included in the ticket price. Please feel free to purchase it separately at the venue.
Tickets and food will be available for purchase on the day of the event in cash only.

Conditions for participation: 20 years of age or older
*This event offers alcoholic beverages.
*Drinking and driving under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
*Driving/riding cars, motorcycles, and bicycles are strictly prohibited
*We may verify your age with a driver’s license or other identification document. 

Organizers: Giovanni Segni, LCUBE Consulting LLC

Official website:

what is a "natural wine"?

Natural wine is generally defined as wine made by traditional methods using as few chemicals as possible and with the help of nature. MONDO Natural Wine only offers a lineup of natural wines that meet the following guidelines, which we have set independently.

Guidelines for Vineyards and Cellars

• In principle, the products must be produced using certified organic or biodynamic farming methods. Even if not certified, synthetic chemicals and irrigation must not be used.
• No more than a maximum of 3 kg/ha/year of copper and 60 kg/ha/year of sulfur should be used. The goal should be to eliminate these completely in the future.
• Harvesting by hand.
• The fermentation must be spontaneous. Issuance must be made with yeasts naturally present in the grape and winemaking environment. The use of neutral yeasts, preferably organic and/or in-house yeasts, is permitted during secondary fermentation using traditional methods.
• Malolactic fermentation must take place.
• Aggressive temperature control such as cryomaceration is prohibited. Use extremely mild temperature control only when strictly necessary.
• No additives other than sulfur dioxide, which is added at the bottling stage, shall be added. The total amount of sulfur dioxide should not exceed 50 mg/l.
• Do not perform clarification (collage).
• Filtration is not recommended and only coarse filtration through equipment with pores/membranes of 10 microns or less is allowed.
• Artificial manipulations such as aseptic filtration, cold maceration, addition of synthetic enzymes, acidifiers, reverse osmosis, cold extraction, and pasteurization that alter the aroma or taste of the wine are not allowed.


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